What they say

Eye Clinic, Kantonsspital, St. Gallen, Switzerland

We have used and we will continue to use the Re-One device in our hospital.

It is very simple and convenient to position the recently explanted eye ball into the Re-One thanks to the specifically modeled basin shape. Also, with the ring design you can maintain the ball in a stable position. Using this method we have no longer found it necessary to use a sterile container with gauze to keep the ball upright.

After a short conservation period, overnight in the fridge, the corneas, especially the epithelium, remained integral and well hydrated as they were always in contact with the liquid. We believe that with Re-One the risk of corneal damage in transport is much reduced.

Thanks to the incorporated internal cover, observation through the microscope was immediate, without the need to move the eye ball from one container to another. It is very convenient, reducing the risk of contamination of the cornea.

The sclerocorneal cut was made rapidly and precisely, thanks to the holding ring which keeps the eye stable during this operation.
Without Re-One the cut would be more difficult and slower, the eye ball tending to slip away.
Re-One can be disposed of after use, avoiding sterilization costs.

- Dr. med. Marco Alder

- Cornea Surgeon

Fondazione Banca degli Occhi del Veneto Venezia, Italia

Re-One has proved suitable for the transport of the eye globes for educational purposes or research. I verified that the transport takes place safely and with a perfect preservation of the characteristics of the tissues and the device is also usable as a support of the globes during the training in the wet lab activities.

- Dr. Davide Camposampiero

- President of the Italian Society of Eye Banks (SIBO)