Engineering a more respectful future

Re-One Sagl designs, develops, manufactures and markets healthcare products and ophthalmological devices that meet both doctors’ and patients’ needs
With the support of Ente Regionale per lo sviluppo del Luganese

There are many people currently awaiting a cornea for the restoration of vision so when there is a donor available for the eyeball we believe the post-removal procedure should be aided by a device that respects not only the donated tissue and therefore the donor but also the future recipient. The Re-One product was born from the need to manipulate the eyeball in the most respectful, safe and convenient manner possible.

The idea for this device came from the field itself after I realized that something specific was missing - a post-removal procedure for the eyeball. Something practical was required that could speed up and make safer the post-withdrawal stage, short storage, transport and observation up to handling and cutting of the corneoscleral button.

After these considerations my team and I imagined the form of our new device and what functions could be performed. Gradually the Re-One took shape. To make the design, production and sales a reality, Re-One Sagl was formed.

- Dr. Roberta Foglia

- Founder and Ophthalmologist